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Tweet Product List

Tweet Follower 1.0.0

It's FREE for you, you can manage thousands of accounts, you can follow 100 twitters per day.


Tweet AccountCreator 1.0.0

It is only $50 for you to use for ever. You can create thousands of accounts easily per day. You can create your accounts in different ways and create multiple accounts with different proxy servers at the same time. After creating accounts, you can modify their URL, Fullname, Bio, Locaion, picture, Background. This product can help you create perfect accounts.


Tweet FriendAdder 1.0.0

It can add thousands of friends automatically within few days. Add tons of targeted friend by keyword(s) or URL and remove unback follow friends with this product. Make your accounts get more and more followers, find out your real friends easily.


Tweet AutoPoster 1.0.0

It can make your accounts lively. You can use it to post updates for your accounts and send direct messages to your accounts' followers. That can make you become popular and attract lots of friends, and promote your products or websites easily.


Tweet Following 1.0.0

It is an all-in-one product. You can use all the features of our products.
Tweet Following=Tweet Follower+Tweet AccountCreator+Tweet Friendadder+Tweet Autoposter+Tweet HardWorker

Tweet Feature List

Manage Accounts

Manage unlimited twitter accounts;


Manage Proxies

Manage unlimited proxies. You can use the public proxies which we offer for you or you collect by yourself.


Follow Friends

Follow a list of twitter friends;


Create Accounts

Create unlimited twitter accounts;


Modify Accounts

Modify your twitter accounts' profile;


Add Friends

Add twitter friends to your account;


Remove Friends

Remove friends who aren't following you;


Post Twitter Updates

Post "What are you doing";


Send Direct Messages

Send a message to your followers;


Sync Adder and Remover

Auto add and remove friends;


Back Follow and Message

Back follow to your followers;

Tweet Tip List

Import and Export Accounts

How to Import and Export Accounts;


Modify Background and Theme

Modify Account's Background and Theme;


Modify Bio and Location

Modify Account's Bio and Location;


Add Friends 1

How to find and follow lots of friend;


Add Friends 2

Tip2 of FriendAdder in Preferences


How to Improve Your Adding Speed

Not only you can set interval or threads to improve adding speed, but also you can though other ways to achieve this purpose.